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The 2020 Small Stones Festival of the Arts - COVID-19 Edition

Welcome to the art call for a special COVID-19 Edition of the Small Stones Festival of the Arts - physically distant but socially connected.  The Festival is a collaboration of Apple Tree Arts, the Worcester County Camera Club, and the Blackstone Valley Art Association.  For this year only, our Festival is going virtual; instead of an in-person exhibition of juried works of art, we'll be featuring an open exhibition, with prizes selected by our distinguished panel of jurors.  The jurors will also be selecting works to be published in our annual hardbound catalog - a tradition we're continuing this year.  To learn more about the Festival, visit our main website...

Visit our Main Website

Submitting Your Work

You are invited to submit your original works of art for this exhibition through this website.  This year only, we are accepting all entries meeting our acceptance criteria into the exhibition. Our jurors will select among the exhibited entries to determine which to include in the printed exhibition catalog.  The jurors will also select prizewinners in the above categories.

Some Important Notes

  1. There is a nonrefundable submission fee of $10 per entry.
  2. Maximum of 3 entries per artist.
  3. You must submit a high-quality photo of your work, suitable for inclusion in our show catalog — see below.
  4. All entries are subject to our Terms and Conditions - READ THESE!

Terms and Conditions

Photographing Your Work

All work submitted to the festival must be of publication quality, without reflections, abnormal color shifts, perspective distortions, etc. Not only will this help our jurors evaluate your work for their prize selections, but also will make the best presentation on the web and if your work is selected for our printed catalog.

Criteria include:

- Format: JPEG or PNG files accepted.
- Minimum Resolution: 1500 pixels total on longest edge.
- Maximum Resolution: 4800 pixels on longest edge.
- Pixels per Inch: Doesn’t matter – really.

If you are a photographer, this shouldn’t be a problem. If, however, you have paintings that you need to photograph, there’s an app for that: Google Photo Scan, available for iPhone/iPad or Android. This app guides you through taking a series of photos of your work, combines them, removes glare (from cover glass or reflections from varnish, etc.), and gives you a nice result. Just be certain your phone/tablet camera has sufficient resolution to meet the above requirement – an iPhone 6 probably will not, but a newer phone or tablet might be fine.

How to Register and Submit Your Work

In order to submit your work for the festival, you must register on this ArtCall site by clicking on the Register button in the header above (if you already have an login, you can simply log in using the green Login button instead).  If you have a narrow browser screen (mobile, etc.) you may have to click on the three horizontal lines in the upper RIGHT to see the buttons.  Fill in the necessary information on the registration form and create a password.

Although there is no registration fee, there is a nonrefundable submission fee of $10 per submitted work.  Note that a maximum of three works will be accepted into the festival per artist.
To submit work to the exhibition:
  1. IMPORTANT: Read the Terms and Conditions for the festival.
  2. Register or log in as described above.
  3. From your user page ("My Submissions"), click on Purchase Submission Credits.
  4. You'll see a payment screen where you can prepay for the number of works you will submit.  Enter the required payment information to proceed.
  5. You will now have credits in your account for the number of submissions for which you've paid.  You can click on Add New Submission to enter the information for your first entry.  Scrolling past the terms and conditions, fill out the fields for your entry, including category, subcategory, title, size (you can enter 0 for depth) and price (you can enter 0 if not for sale).  If you wish to sell yiour work or call attention to your other artwork, BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS.
  6. When you submit the information for your first entry, the next screen will prompt you to upload a photo of your entry (see criteria above).
  7. When you have uploaded your photo, your first entry is complete and will appear on your user page.  You can now continue with additional entries if you wish.
Watch the following video to learn more...